Inaugural Post

Hello World, 

As you might have been able to tease out, my name is Mark Powell, and what I am going to be doing here is talking about the author world. The mystical and romantic place that it is. Inside of my dark room, all alone, with only the screen of my Macbook Pro to keep me warm. 

When I started writing back in 2011, there was some information out about independent authors, but there really wasn't a guide. A good, honest guide. There are always the scam guides that are out there even now, telling people about things like the "Kindle Gold Rush" and how to cash in on it. 

Now there is a lot of information, and lots of credible sources. The main question now is, who do I spend my time listening too? That is the question I am here to help answer. With everything that I have done, read, written, listened to, and watched, I would say I know a thing or two about a thing or two. All of which I want to pass on to you.

I am going to talk today Hugh Howey, and how his story motivated me. I am not going to gab on about this either, I can, but this isn't the place. He's can tell his own story way better than I can. Hugh had lots of jobs, and a love for not only reading but writing as well. It was through this love he eventually released Wool as a 5 part sectional, which was only supposed to be one short story. People loved it so much he reworked it and made more.

I was first inspired by him because he just did the thing he loved, and said to himself he wanted to share it. Then bam, he's an author. A title in my head that meant something different than what it really is. Hard work, and a lot of it. Being an author is amazing, and I love every minute of it, and I know in some small part I have Hugh to thank for it. Who doesn't even know me or how his story moved me into action. 

I still have a ways to go, and I hope I never hit a stop. So thanks Hugh, and thanks to the Sword and Laser Podcast. Without either one of you, I would not be who I am today.