I've been playing this multi-player online battle arena game (MOBA) called Vain Glory. It's for the iPhone and iPad, and is a glorious game for the phone. 

I don't play phone games much, because most weren't fun to me. This on the other hand. AMAZING! 

I've also been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which would be one reason I have been here much. It is another game that has blown my socks off. The story is amazing, which a lot of reviews have bashed for one reason or another, but I've really enjoyed it. Just seeing the evolution of the world, and the growth is insipiring. 

As far as the writing goes, Dragon's Fire is making headway, as is the outlining of the next unnamed series for Cypher Theorem. Whisper & Fury is still on the first draft as I wait to hear back from the first round of beta readers.  

If you want to play some Vain Glory with me, my name is holtzcat, if not catch you later.