Checking In

I am currently playing a new round of Skyrim on the computer, and I have downloaded a bunch of mods that enhance graphics and make subtle changes to the way some things work. 

It has been a blast so far (in a Fus Ro Da sort of way) and I have really liked the mods and upgrades. I have also been reading/listening, through Audible and Amazon, The Dresden files by Jim Butcher.  I have joyfully consumed the first three and currently working on the fourth.

His books are amazing. The detail and description that goes into each scene brings you there. I can't help but love the humor, which is my kind of humor. Ask my wife and friends about it sometime.  

I am currently in the middle of Summer Knight, and I really like the way everything is ramping up, and the notch gets raised on each book. I am taking in how he does his descriptions and making sure I put my flair of descriptions in my own writing. 

My daughter is going to be born on the 8th of April and I am really excited. I know that things will be more different than I realize but probably won't be as different as I fear it could be. All in all though, I am really looking forward to it. It is going to be a great new chapter in my life that I will get to share with my wife and new child.  

That mixed with writing and still wanting to play a game every now and then will be like trying to grab the sands of time with a bottomless bucket, and I know something is going to give and I know what it is. I'm sad about setting an old friend aside but there are more important things. For now at least. 

Speaking of writing, I am almost done with the first draft of "The Honeymoon" and it's really coming along faster than what I had planned and with more in it that I originally thought it would have. Hope y'all enjoy it.