Ugh, I hate editing!

It is just a process that I have yet to come to like. I do, however, like the way my writing comes out once it's finished. So the question pops into my mind, do I like torturing myself? 

The answer is of course I don't, but there is a discipline in it, and sometimes I hate that. Editing and formatting are like a smith hammering at steel to make a finely honed blade. For every page that I edit, I get better at my craft and that is as important as the writing. 

Formating is another form of editing that I need to get better at as well. There are ways that books are set up and look, and presenting them in a professional manor is as important as placing a comma. I have a new designation for myself recently and it's an Indie Author. Being an indie author is being like being a professional author just without a publishing house doing all the other leg work for me. That does mean I get to keep all of my rights and all of my liability. So yay to self publishing, when done right, getting some respect!

Right now I am going through my second full edit of The Honeymoon, and I have been adding a lot more detail. Making sure each part is filled with sights, sounds, and smells. The more I scrutinize it the better I like it. 

Here's to the unpleasant, and inevitably awesome process of editing, because if I don't want to go through it multiple times, why would anyone else.  

The first chapter is available now for reading under excerpts, enjoy!