Shadow Moon

So I have spent a lot of time with the honeymoon. I really enjoy telling the story, and the more I read it and reread it, I felt like there was something missing. That lead me down a road with Vargas. He wasn't in the story at all, which made him the perfect character to join in. It also helped me fill in a few places of intrigue, and weave them into the story better as a whole. It also let me follow Vargas around more. With my short story Shadows just finished, I wanted to dive more into what he was doing. Then with the new story came a new title, and the old cover needed to go. 

It's all finally finished, and preorders are a go! I am going to have this be a special pre-order deal of .99¢ (the full price being $2.99 after the promotion). This is a great day for me, my second full novel being released, and I am setting things up to have an awesome launch.

The release date is 12-13-14.

Hope you enjoy!