I have come to the realization that reliability is a very large part of our world. Whether or not you see it, hear it, read it, or experience it, reliability is in every business. So with that said, I am going to start posting things on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday(this being my first Monday post). 

I'm not quite sure what all is going to be here, but it's all about writing and video games, and I will do it through the blog posts and videos. I will also be updating the website, making sure not only the moble is working, but to make sure it's as best as I can make it.  

If any of you have a suggestion, just leave it here and I will try to get back to it. I am really thankful to all of you who are here, and I wouldn't be where I am, or where I want to go without you, so thank you.  



So that didn't work, but I will update when I have something to put here. That could be a lot or it could be a little. More to come soon :)