E3 2014

It is almost that time of year again, time for my birthday, and E3. It's like a present I get to open early. The predictions are stating to roll in, and I am excited. The gaming industry's biggest production, showing off what sights we have to look forward to in the future. Since I personally am going to be purchasing an Xbox One, I am going to spend the majority of my time focused on the games for it, but I like to be in the know for everything. I don't consider myself a fanboy of any platform, because that is the delivery service for my gaming experience, and I find it slightly against my gaming morals to fight about 'how' I game. I would rather talk about experience and gameplay.

For the longest time I considered mobile gaming with the same contempt as a plague.  It was all short, storyless games that held no interest for me. Over the last few years I have turned from that view and embraced mobile, because it's just another avenue, and not to mention the games have gotten significantly better with time, like they should have. Since then I have begun to believe that mobile can have just as full of an experience as console or pc gaming can, while pushing the conventional touch controls further, which will help get closer to science fiction reality. 

If you are wondering why I would be purchasing an Xbox over the PS4, it is really very simple. I like the controller better. It fits into my meaty mitts better. Since it has been doing that for the better part of 10 years I also have a lot of things connected to Xbox, and money spent with it. I still have my PS3 laying around, and love it...as a bluray player. Also on the off occasion I get to play a game, my 3DS is laying around, and my computer is a gaming monster that I built myself. So I am all over the place. 

On Fanboydom, I do think it is great to have those communities of passionate people behind a product or company. I also love the bickering, and get some good laughs out of it. I have my own fandom tendencies too. Star Wars/Trek or Trek/Wars (really looking forward to the new movies and new stories they are putting together, and the canon that will come from it), Square Enix, Bungie, Bioware, Gearbox, Valve, and Blizzard just to name a few. All I am really saying is that sharing is great, and entertainment, wherever you get it from, is great and should be celebrated.

 So back to E3, it has all the gaming news I love to hear about and dream about for the next year, and I will try to offer it up here. This is a part of what I love and I want to share it with all who will listen to the text of my voice. I may even have some voice to go with that voice once I get some time to set up a YouTube presence. 

If there is anything you personally want to hear about, like in the gaming or publishing world, let me know! Just leave it in the comments below or on any of the social sites I'm using.  

Happy E3 everyone!