The Stretch

So, I have been absent for a bit. Mostly because I have been stretching out my next work based on what my beta readers were telling me. With that, I am almost done expanding The Honeymoon, and I am close to about 40k in words right now, not sure what I'm going to end up with, but that is at least 4 times more that what I thought it was going to be originally. 


So far, I love it.  


I knew what they were going to do on the trip but I left out things, and shortened it on purpose. Now it's is what I wanted for the two, a true romantic tale for Vernon and Marie.  


My first book, The Zero Class, helped me introduce the world and characters. The second, The Honeymoon will help expand on the world, characters, and bring you along for a light hearted adventure of the start of their lives together.


I am close to finishing the editing, and once I do I will setup everything for preorders. Also if anyone wants to read it early, send me an email to MarkBrandonPowell [at] gmail dot com.