New Short Story

I have been really thinking about what I wanted to write next. I like to take inspiration from everything that I have experienced and add to it. Working it in a way that I think is interesting. That's like an obvious thing, but still. 


So, I rewatched a couple of older anime, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and then amazingly awesome Firefly. I was going for a western feel for what I'm writing next, drawing from the above for inspiration. Each of the above is a take on a western style theme, made in space, which is what I'm wanting to write. I'm still always a sucker for magic mixing with technology. So expect that.


Once I get further with the project I'll name it and get a cover for it, with a reveal here first! I'm going to distribute it through Amazon, but I don't have the choice to give it away there, so it'll be .99¢ there.  


Here on my website though, it's going to be free! I want it free so everyone can enjoy it, and experience my world of a gunslinging, frontier living, space western.  

So, fun times.