The New Frontier


I have been looking through a few things recently concerning being a writer, author, and general maker of the unreal to the real. I sometimes like to think all the word wizards out there know how I feel, but I know it isn't the same for everyone. There was, and is still, a lot of noise about how evil Amazon is, or how they are targeting Hachette authors. It's funny how the news media doesn't cover everything or even in an unbiast light. Every news outlet is owned by someone, who owns one of the publishing companies. So take everything with a grain of salt when you read the "news". 

All in all, I just want my readers, and other authors who find me to know you have to be careful when you are starting out. It's a business of really nice people who are out to exploit the uneducated. I don't mean stupid either, I just mean someone who hasn't spent the time to read into other's experiences on both sides of the fence. I personally want to keep all of my rights and have control over things like cover, back blurb, and such. I know it's more work, and more responsibility, but I think it pays more to me in the end with experience and a truer vision of what was intended. 

On a lighter note, I have been reading about the new iPhone, and how it sold over 10 million units over the weekend. That's some good news right there. If you ask why I care about that, there are two reasons. First, it's an awesome phone and I can't wait to get mine in. The screen is larger, better battery life, stonger wifi connectivity, and new updates to the iOS. There is also this new game development software called Metal, and it's allowing developers to access more power out of the processor, which boils down to better gaming on my phone. Second, even if it's an upgrade for some, there are 10 million more e-book readers that are out there. The people that are upgrading, are more than likely giveing them away to friends and family or selling them. So new people have e-book readers. More potentual readers are a great thing, because it's only a short download away for the kindle app and my stories. 

 Word wizards, smiths, and mystical unicorns of the keyboard mashers, may you have a good week, and write on.