Destiny Day

Yes it's that time, why am I writing this and not playing this years Game of the Year... Well it's because I wrote this yesterday that's why. So I played the beta, awesome-sauce-itude, and I know it will be just as good when the real thing hits. I also read that Bungie has a 10 year plan for this console game, which is really more of a FPS-MMO-RPG, which I think I'm down for. 


If your looking for me, I'm Holtzcat, and I play on the Xbox. Also no I am not a fan boy one way or the other. I love gaming and I chose the Xbox because of all the extra features for my TV, and once I get enough I might get a PS4 because there are a few awesome looking games that are in it.  


What are you doing reading this, go play some Destiny!

Happy gaming, and reading!