Trying out something new

There's always a fear to trying out something new, and if money is involved it only worsens that fear. I do it all the time with games and books. I don't want to spend what little entertainment money on something that isn't going to deliver, or worse not be something I know I'm going to like. I started to research things more about the time that happened. Watched videos of the gameplay, or read samples. So I really understand that fear, and I'm glad there are already things out there that can alleviate some of that.

So here's what I'm going to do. I am going to give anyone who signs up for my mailing list, Shadow Moon, for free. This is because I want to give to my readers, and I want to start a conversation with people. It just won't be a conversation about me, it will be about what I'm currently reading (if you're into that kind of thing), what others told me about (like games and books), and if there's something cool I think you might like.

That's it, something I should have done in the first place, but hey, we can't all get it right on the first go. Right?

If you want to tell me about something you've read or played and loved, just email me. I would love to hear about it.