Ok, trying something even newer

That's just the way things go sometimes. I really haven't seen any increase in anything by going with Amazon only. What I have noticed is that I cant seem to get any traction anywhere. So new plan. I have been looking into keywords, and marketing, basically thinking that Amazon is a search engine, which it is, and do some SEO on my books. 

This hasn't been going very well just yet, I have no idea how to truly categorize my books without slapping them into the larger categories. So this is where I'm at, waiting for the 90 days to be up, and then I am off to the races with everywhere else again, like I was before. 

The new book is coming along well. I have well over three fourths written, and I would have had more by now but my daughter, who I love more than anything, got her first sickness. It was hard on Christine and I, but I know it was hard on Vivian too. 

I really want anyone who likes my books, my writing, or my works to tell me what they think it is. You can email what you think, or just put it in the comments. Share it with others, and see what they think too. 

Till my next update, 

Happy reading,