Preorders are up for Eydulan series book 2 and 3

Nightmares & Dreams, and Disgrace & Honor are now available for preorder. I just got through with the titles and descriptions today, and wanted to give everyone the ability to get in on the ground floor for this series. I am setting the preorder pricing at .99 cents for each. Their prices are going to go up to $3.99 each once they release. 

I want to lower the price for anyone and everyone that is here reading my website, and also those that are on my mailing list. (By the way, if you are on the mailing list there is a way to get one or both of them for free. So if you haven't already signed up, go for it!)

I have been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm from blizzard and an iPhone game called final fantasy record keepers. They are pretty different, but I have really been enjoying them both. They serve different purposes in my gaming life, but both are worth while if you are into gaming.

Hope this finds you well.