Box set and Paladin's Fall

If you didn't already see, I now have my first box set out in the world, and my 4th book is available for preorder.  The Cypher Theorem series is something dear to me. I know I've probably said this a hundred times by now, but it's the first real thing that I have made for an audience. I'm really happy to see it all coming together. A few years ago you couldn't tell me that this is what I would be doing, but here I am, and loving it. 

Writing is a little weird to me at times. These thoughts inside my head that I put to paper that tell a story that I am sometimes not sure where they come from. Its a really cool and odd process. Anyway. Paladin's Fall wont be ready till I get book three out for the Eydulan series. I really want to get it established before I continue anything further. So yea, things are going to progressing along for everything. 

A little about what's going on right now with me. I'm still really into heroes of the storm, and really liking Thrall and Uthar right now. LiLi is another favorite of mine along with the butcher. Ok so I have a lot of characters that I like. A lot. The game is just really fun, like really fun. When you can take down like 2-3 other people by yourself, it always feels good.

That's about it for now, hope you're having a great week.