Elsa and Anna's Parents were terrible!

So like just about every other parent out there, I've been watching and rewatching Disney's Frozen. I really like the movie. I do. It has just become OVERLY apparent that their parents were the worse parents ever. So here is a list of my grievances. 

1. The very first words the King (their father) says in the movie is "Elsa what have you done. This is getting out of hand."

This is the first thing you say to your daughter, who loves her sister, and is scared from the accident that happened. You should be comforting BOTH of you children if something terrible happens, and tell them it will be ok, not blame either one of them. Not to mention they were fully dressed in the middle of the night, and within earshot of the ballroom. Meaning they knew they were playing with magic just on the other side of that door. 

Which leads me to my next beef. 

2. The King tells Grand Pappy that she was born with her powers. He has know about them for the time that she's been alive. Which for the sake of argument I'm going to assume is 6 years old. For 6 year, of knowing that his daughter had super powerful and growing ice powers, he didn't get her a teacher. There was a troll within a short distance, that knew about her powers and could have taught her. Hell she could have gone on the weekends to get some training. But nope, let us keep the poor girl with a loaded gun in her hand and not tell her how to use it properly. Lets let her almost kill her sister by a simple accident of two children playing before "doing" something about it.

3. So the last two was about Elsa, what about Anna. She was ripped apart from her sister, and left alone in a giant castle without even a nurse to play with. Elsa and Anna were inseparable before the accident. So the right answer is to shut away the "dangerous one" and then ignore the other. 

4. Back to the King. Magic is a known quantity yet he ignores it completely. He knows there are people out there with magic. It just goes to show how much he doesn't care about his eldest daughter. 

5. Then there'e the mother. What mother wouldn't want to protect their children. If the King knew, then the Queen also knew. Which means she is as much to blame as the King is for everything I just put up there. 

6. Where is the advisor. Their teachers. It seems that Anna has a good relationship with her parents, when she gives them a warm hug right before they die. Elsa, understandably so, doesn't like to touch anyone because of the mental abuse her parents have inflicted upon her for years. So you would think she had a teacher, but it seems like there was no one. Like food was just left on the table before she went to eat, and was just told (through a door) to go read books to learn about the world. Then what about Elsa, she's going to be a Queen and doesn't like to be around people, so who taught her about how to run a country or how to rule. 

So anyway, that is my beef with their parents. I get that raising a child can be done in different ways, but that is clearly bad. There is a lot of bad parenting in Disney movies but there are a lot of good ones. Mufasa for one, Rupunzels parents, and Titiana's parents just to name a few of the really good ones. I know that if there was good parenting in Frozen, there wouldn't be the movie the way it was. They needed horrible parents, so they could both go through this transformation together and transcend the bad lot they got.