A Captured Child. Unknown Odds. One Long Shot.

Katrice is coping with everything she's learned the last few days, that humans are not alone in the universe. With not just one but two different alien species. The Eydulans and the Foremid. The Eydulans feed the Guild's magi-tech, while the Foremid have an uncanny ability to adapt and improve upon any technology making it their own.

Terra is a young girl blessed with ridiculously powerful magic. She is compatible with every magi-tech device ever created, making her one of a kind. The Foremid have taken her to unravel the secrets of magi-tech, the only thing slowing their plans of domination. If given the chance they will enslave what remains of humanity after their conquest.

It has been one week since the Foremid took Terra as Katrice watched surrounded by the carnage they left behind. Katrice is still haunted by what she saw. Her and her crew are still injured and believe it's suicide to even attempt this rescue alone. But no one else believes aliens truly exist.

Suicide or rescue, only time will tell, and time is nearly out.

Disgrace and Honor is the third book of seven in the epic space fantasy Eydulan series. Magic laced heart-racing action, a superior alien race, and mysterious technology. This next installment won't leave you disappointed. Make sure you don’t miss out.

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