Rising Aggression. A Magic Prison. Shattered Dreams.

Space can be beautiful and unforgiving. Katrice and her husband Gravan have been bounty free now for over a year. Collecting materials and goods to set up a new home on a remote frontier planet with their friends Jack and Hanna are waiting for them. The only thing stopping them is a shortage of credits. She persuades Gravan to take a simple - yet may not be entirely legal - delivery for a quick payoff. 

But nothing is ever simple.

The Guild, one of three governing powers in the universe, is in a heated standoff with an unknown enemy around where Katrice's delivery is headed. Meanwhile Jack and Hanna are being hunted by The Guild. One is left to die with the other captured, taken to the inescapable prison planet Ragnarok from where no mage or man returns. When Katrice finds her dying friend and learns of the other's incarceration, she wishes they could have been there sooner. It leaves Katrice with no alternative to save her shattering dream. 

She has to go to prison.

Nightmares and Dreams is the second book in the epic space fantasy series Eydulan. By getting book 2 you continue your journey with Kat and crew on the Felicity with epic space battles and will delve deeper into the guarded yet powerful Guild of Magisters. Don’t miss out on the magic filled space adventure. 

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