They are funny things. Some get us up and early from bed and fired up for the day and others keep us under the covers wonder what would be next. Its a weird feeling going after a dream. There are times when I think to myself, "how the hell did I just write all of that, and where did that come from?"

It's exciting to me that I get to do this. I also know that nothing may ever come from any of this that I do right now but that doesn't matter. I get to write stories and publish them for people to buy them and read them. 

Its crazy to think that people I don't know, from all around the world are reading my stories. I just had a book, the physical paper kind, sold in Europe. I will probably never see or talk to that person, but thank you if you are reading this, and it is crazy to me that I can do that from my home in Texas.

It is just awesome how we are able to do this now, and it is all about getting it to the reader. I like the fact that I can reach everyone that's wants to reach me, and have a closer connection to my readers. 

I am going to be having a daughter here very soon. Most of my life I have wanted a family of my own, and have someone to share my life with. I have now also found a calling that I want to pursue as much as I can. Conflicts with time, people, and life will happen.

Dreams some times will have you pulled in different ways and you have to focus on what you really want out of life. So with this you have to prioritize what is important and go with that. No trying to do everything, because it will leave you with things half done or paralyzed with the fear of having too much to do. 

Fight for your dreams, and work hard at them. It won't be easy, and it will take time away from you where you might have wanted to spend it on something entertaining, but the best things in life require work to get them. If it didn't it wouldn't be worth having.